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SEPT 2023 (

  • Connection and TLS enhancements for cross 2016, 2019, 2022 acceleration.

  • 32-bit is no longer supported.

checksum SHA256: a4f0a209c613272f8ee25d2deff35554181c707731e2b00d9a3519a2e4fa376c

NitroAccelerator is not backwards compatible with previous versions.

APRIL 2022 (


  • Connection issues for your custom application with NitroAccelerator enabled? We've added the ability to enable logging directly from NitroAccelerator Console. Sharing these log files with the Nitrosphere Trial Team makes troubleshooting faster and more effective.

  • Security is paramount. Nitro now supports TLS & SQL Server Force Encryption & encrypted .NET Remoting connections.

  • Working with highly protected systems? You now have the option to block non-Nitro clients from connecting to a SQL Server.

  • Support when connecting from an earlier version of 7.0 Nitro client to a newer version on the server.

MAY 2021 (


  • Improved support for protocols other than TDS.

APRIL 2021 (


  • Uninstaller improvements.

MARCH 2021 (


  • Support for monthly licensing plans.

JANUARY 2021 (


  • Gigabit compressor dynamic algorithm improvements and removal of older algorithms.



  • Gigabit compressor: a high-speed compression algorithm designed for modern processors.

  • Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) Acceleration: Demultiplexes the MARS protocol to achieve higher throughput.

  • Zero Latency Data Channel (Beta): a new acceleration technology that eliminates TCP latency.

  • .NET Remoting acceleration support

  • SMB 3.0 acceleration support

  • Encryption and decryption improvements.

NitroAccelerator 7.0+ is not backwards compatible with previous versions.



  • Improvements to better compress SMB Windows File Transfers.

  • Removed “partially optimized” status from Connections dialog.

MARCH 2019 (


  • Installer now accepts LICENSE_USER and LICENSE_PASSWORD command line arguments to retrieve a license during installation.

  • Added support for Windows File Transfer and SQL Server Named Pipes protocol.

  • The Connections dialog now displays MARS and Named Pipe connections.

  • Improvements to the Database Mirroring Dialogue.



  • New compression levels and algorithms, allowing NitroAccelerator to be optimized for more connection speeds.

  • NitroAccelerator Console startup improvements.

  • Updates to TCP optimization algorithms.



  • Added support for mixed SSAS connections.



  • Inbound/Outbound Connections dialog has replaced the Diagnostic View, to give more insight into the connections being monitored and accelerated. Accelerated connections show as blue text.

  • Speed Test updated to run queries that don’t require any specific privileges on the SQL Server.

  • Speed Test updated to run the Nitro tests first, followed by the non-Nitro tests.

  • Console is now launched at the end of install.

  • HyperCache improvements.

JUNE 2017 (


  • HyperCache Blacklist Feature - Added ability to specify SQL objects or whole queries that will not be considered for caching.

  • Added support for mixed non-TDS connections (such as non-SQL Server linked servers).

APRIL 2017 (


  • Registry setting to specify packet size under which NitroAccelerator will not attempt to compress the data.

  • Support for linked server connections to OLE DB data sources other than SQL Server.

  • Updates to MARS Acceleration support.

  • Speed Test now connects to new hosted SQL Server.



  • HyperCache support for importing data into SQL Server from a file using the Import/Export Wizard in SSMS.



  • MARS Acceleration significantly improves the performance of connections that use the Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) connection option.

This feature is not compatible with older versions of NitroAccelerator. If your application is using MARS, you must upgrade all servers and clients to this release.

  • Additional HyperCache settings and statistics have been added, allowing the user to optimize the cache for each environment.

  • When NitroAccelerator is stopped, existing connections will no longer be compressed. These connections will still be going through Nitro, but without compression, so we still recommend an application restart after you start or stop NitroAccelerator to establish new connections.

  • Support added for High Availability. NitroAccelerator must be installed to all nodes.

NitroAccelerator 6.0+ is not backwards compatible with previous versions.

AUGUST 2016 (


  • HyperCache code performance optimizations.

JULY 2016 (


  • Console title bar now shows trial status for all users.

  • HyperCache improvements.

JUNE 2016 (


  • NitroAccelerator Console no longer requires administrative privileges to run. Instead, admin privileges are only required to Start or Stop NitroAccelerator, or change encryption settings.

  • Added support for legacy Windows systems sending uncompressible data.

  • HyperCache support for high pressure.

  • Encryption now supports linked server and MARS connections.

This update will affect backwards compatibility in some cases. If you have encryption enabled, we recommend that you upgrade all systems to this build.

APRIL 2016 (


  • Demo Application added to provide a baseline for the impact NitroAccelerator can achieve in a specific environment.

  • SSIS package execution support improvements.

  • Optimized uninstall process.

  • Increased default HyperCache warmup period.

MARCH 2016 (


  • Support for Windows 2008 and Vista.



  • Automatic licensing added to console, so licenses can now be retrieved or released from the Tools > Licensing dialog.

  • Improvements to Console autostart during Windows login.

JANUARY 2016 (


  • High performance Windows Filter Platform driver has replaced legacy TDI driver.

  • Adaptive packet compression dynamically adjusts TCP packet size based on the data.

  • HyperCache technology provides substantial performance benefits by minimizing the transfer of data between endpoints.

  • Intelligent protocol detection enables compression of non-native TDS implementations including Java applications.

  • Client dll has been removed and client traffic is now monitored by the driver.

  • Redesigned console.

  • Support for Windows 2003, XP, 2008, and Vista has been dropped. NitroAccelerator 3.0 should be used instead on those systems.

  • NitroAccelerator driver improvements.

  • MARS improvements.

  • Support added for Windows 8 and 10 systems with Secure Boot enabled.



  • Support for linked server connection to OLE DB data source other than SQL Server.



  • Support for high pressure data retrieval from SSAS.

  • Ability to disable SSAS acceleration feature.

AUGUST 2016 (


  • Support for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

  • HyperCache Settings dialog now shows caching statistics.

  • A new Professional license type has been added for SSAS support.

  • Demo Application has been renamed to Speed Test, and can now be launched directly from the console.

  • Cleaner column headers in the stats log file.

  • Speed test now has the option to connect to a hosted Nitrosphere server

  • Speed test now supports SSL encryption enabled for SQL Server.

  • Install now possible if Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable is not already installed on the system.

  • Diagnostics dialogue can now operate for non-admin.

  • Improvements to license retrieve/release console feature for non-admin.

  • NitroAccelerator Watch service now auto restarts during license key changes.

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