Introductory Concepts

With NitroAccelerator, you can:

  • Default install optimizes and accelerates SQL & SMB connections without the need for configuration.
  • Additional TCP-based protocols can be accelerated by manually adding the protocol to both sides of the connection.
Example: To accelerate a .NET Remoting, open up the .config file of the service and locate the port number. Next, add that port number by navigating to: Tools > Configure Additional Protocols...
  • Enable optional one-click encryption.
If SQL Server Force Encryption or .Net Remoting Encrypt is enabled, NitroAccelerator automatically provides TLS 1.3 support without the need for configuration.

Nitrosphere customers most commonly utilize NitroAccelerator for:

  • Drastically improving SQL Server Replication performance over distance.
  • Accelerating and Optimizing Thick Clients / Client-Server / N-Tiered Application user experience.
  • 20x the speed of Daily Data Movement & SMB Windows File Transfers.
For more examples, visit Use Cases.

How does it work?

NitroAccelerator installs as a device driver on your desired servers and endpoints to significantly compress network traffic between connections.
Low-medium connection speeds are optimized by default.
High connection speeds benefit from enabling the ZLDC feature.
NitroAccelerator does not increase attack surface or laterally move data. Click here for more security info.​


Do you manage your own instance(s)? To utilize NitroAccelerator, it is required that you have access to installed on both sides of a connection to accelerate. IaaS and Cloud solutions that grant you access to manage your own instances are supported by NitroAccelerator.
Are you experiencing latency or bandwidth issues? The more latency or data movement, the more NitroAccelerator will benefit. We typically focus on use cases reporting latency of 10ms or more. However, if timely data movement is essential to your low latency operations, please contact us.


Affordability: Traditional WAN acceleration solutions can be very expensive with initial costs between two locations often coming in at around $30K, for cost-of-hardware alone. Companies often spend millions of dollars on traditional WAN accelerators, whereas Nitrosphere customers can deploy a selective or complete solution for a fraction of the cost.
Reliability: Leverage the distance of existing connections with upwards of up to 96% lossless compression. Reduce packet loss and re-transmissions. Reduce Server I/O wait times, application lag, and greyouts. Increase Queries & Transactions Per Second and overall network performance.
Security: Reduce your attack surface while maintaining full control of your endpoints. Visit security benefits for more info.