Nitrosphere creates endpoint based software that significantly compresses network traffic.
The impact of our acceleration improves end-user experience, employee productivity, information advantage, and more.
Our mission is to make easy-to-deploy and low-maintenance solutions that reduce latency and bandwidth fees while improving throughput.

First things first, Is NitroAccelerator a fit?

Do you manage your own instance(s)? NitroAccelerator must be installed on both sides of a connection to accelerate.
Are you experiencing latency or bandwidth issues? The more latency or data, the more Nitro will benefit. We typically focus on usecases reporting latency of 10ms or more.

With NitroAccelerator, you can:

  • Accelerate & Secure all SQL Server TDS Connections
  • Drastically improve SQL Server Replication speed
  • Improve Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Application user experience
  • Supercharge Daily Data Movement & SMB Windows File Transfers
For more examples, visit Use Cases.
Lower overhead. WAN accelerators can be very expensive with initial costs between two locations often coming in at around $30K, for cost-of-hardware alone. Companies often spend millions of dollars on WAN accelerators, whereas Nitrosphere customers can deploy a complete or selective solution for a fraction of the cost.
Improve reliability. Move to the cloud or perform critical backups with upwards of up to 96% compression.
Accelerate Securely. Reduce your attack surface by maintaining control of your endpoints. Visit security benefits for more info.

How does it work?

NitroAccelerator installs as a device driver on your desired servers and endpoints to significantly compress network traffic between connections.
NitroAccelerator optimizes the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) and Server Message Block (SMB) protocols to improve data transfer performance while reducing overall network traffic.
NitroAccelerator operates within existing TDS & SMB ports to eliminate the need for additional proxies or expensive hardware to quickly tune and deploy without the need for downtime.

System Requirements


Windows Server 2012 or later


Windows 10 or later
LINUX It is possible to reduce latency by using a Linux system as an endpoint with Nitro installed to a Windows system as a proxy. Reach out to us for details.
NitroAccelerator is not required on all servers and endpoints to operate, though the benefits of doing so will reduce congestion throughout your entire environment. Simply install Nitro on the servers and endpoints that you wish to accelerate.

Prepare to Test

For additional performance improvements while proving Nitro, we recommend the following:
  • Disable native SQL Server Encryption
  • Set network packet size to 32k, if possible.
NitroAccelerator automatically monitors, and works within, existing TDS & SMB ports. If a connection cannot be established during testing, be sure to check your firewall port settings. We often recommend disabling windows firewall on endpoints for quick testing if whitelisting is not an option.
NitroAccelerator must be installed on the administrator account of two systems to accelerate the connection between them.

NitroAccelerator Configuration Models

NitroAccelerator is designed to work seamlessly in the client-server model. Any application that is leveraging the TDS protocol using MDAC, SQL Native Client, Java thin or thick drivers, or through any other implementation to connect to a SQL Server, such as SharePoint or SQL Management Studio, you can use NitroAccelerator to compress and optimize its traffic.

Additional Features

The Nitro team stays ahead of all windows updates and has recently added several new features to turbocharge performance.
  • Adaptive Compression dynamically adjusts TCP packet size to automatically reduce overall latency
  • Compression Levels can be configured to tune performance for specific environment
  • HyperCache securely minimizes the transfer of data between endpoints by storing cached data within individual kernels
  • Encryption secures network traffic between endpoints with configurable keys
  • Automatic Protocol Detection to support SMB Windows File Transfer and SQL Server Named Pipes