Proof of Concept (POC)

During your POC, we recommend activating NitroAccelerator on as many relevant endpoints as possible for a period long enough to measure quantitative impact.

Proof of Concept

After requesting a trial, you will receive everything you needed to get started and the Nitrosphere team will send you an email to assist and ensure that accelerated connections form. Next, tuning recommendations will be offered to match your specific architecture and goals.

The trial length can be extended upon request and the countdown does not start until the time of install:

Data-driven Performance Indicators

Query Test

The NitroAccelerator Speed Test pings one of our test servers to run a few test queries. The purpose is to give you an estimate of the acceleration benefits that the software will have on your environment with default settings. We chose a simple Cartesian join because it mirrors the most accurate estimate of acceleration that our customers typically experience.

When your speed test completes, you will be asked if you want to share the results with the Nitrosphere team to assist with tuning and feature recommendations.

Customer Name: {name}
Company Name: {company}
Email: {email}
Server: nitrotest

Small Transactions: 105.24 seconds at 9.50 commands/second
Nitro Small Transactions: 1.70 seconds at 588.06 commands/second
Small Improvement: 61.89x

Mixed Transactions: 107.19 seconds at 9.33 commands/second
Nitro Mixed Transactions: 30.82 seconds at 32.45 commands/second
Mixed Improvement: 3.48x

Large Transaction: 50.36 seconds at 1,985.56 rows/second
Nitro Large Transaction: 6.02 seconds at 16,603.46 rows/second
Large Improvement: 8.36x

Client-server Application Performance Testing

  • Use SSMS to run a representative query from your application both with and without Nitro.

  • Measure application load time and common processes/queries.

  • Longer term testing is often recommended for the majority of use cases. The HyperCache feature learns and improves over time and helps dramatically accelerate chatty applications during traditional use.

Replication Testing

  • Measure Replication backlog decrease over time.

  • Monitor for decrease in server I/O wait times and congestion.

The Nitro team recommends collecting quantitative test data and is here to help with your proving process. Below is an example result.

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