Proving NitroAccelerator

Without Acceleration vs. With NitroAccelerator

Query Test

Our One Click Speed Test, runs a simple cartesian join to grab a large result set. This query test is broad in nature and often mirrors similar gains as a benchmark, but it does not necessarily provide an end-user proof point for specific use cases.

SQL Server Application Testing

  • Use SSMS to run a representative query from your application both with and without Nitro.
  • Measure application load time and common processes/queries.
  • Longer term testing is often recommended for the majority of use cases. The HyperCache feature learns and improves over time and helps dramatically accelerate chatty applications during traditional use.

Replication Tests

  • Measure transactional replication latency before and after (ms)

Nitrosphere Tests

The Nitro team recommends collecting quantitative test data and is here to help with your proving process. Below is an example result.
Below are tests running DML and Queries. They are representative of a server-client benefit.
Sample test from customer provided network information.