Establishing Connections

NitroAccelerator is ready to accelerate out-of-the-box with default configuration. We do, however, have additional features that can be adjusted to optimize performance.

NitroAccelerator Configuration Models

NitroAccelerator is designed to work seamlessly in the client-server model. Any application that is leveraging the TDS protocol using MDAC, SQL Native Client, Java thin or thick drivers, or through any other implementation to connect to a SQL Server, such as SharePoint or SQL Management Studio, you can use NitroAccelerator to compress and optimize its traffic.

Proving NitroAccelerator

The NitroAccelerator Console, accessible via the system tray or through the Start menu, shows compression statistics for Nitro-enabled connections.

While these statistics are helpful in determining that NitroAccelerator is installed and running properly, you may want to track other performance measurements to see the full benefit of NitroAccelerator within your environment.

Red connections are unaccelerated

Blue connections are accelerated