Quick Start Guide

Installation and setup takes 3-5 minutes. If you do not experience the desired acceleration using default settings, reach out to the Nitro team for a free tuning consultation.

Prepare to Test

For additional performance improvements while proving Nitro, we recommend the following:

  • Disable Encryption

  • Disable MARS

  • Set network packet size to 32k, if possible.

NitroAccelerator automatically monitors, and works within, existing TDS & SMB ports. If a connection cannot be established during testing, be sure to check your firewall port settings. We often recommend disabling windows firewall on endpoints for quick testing if whitelisting is not an option.

NitroAccelerator must be installed on the administrator account of two systems to accelerate the connection between them.

System Requirements


Windows 2008 and later


Vista and later


2000 through 2019

LINUX It is possible to reduce latency by using a Linux system as an endpoint with Nitro installed to a Windows system as a proxy. Reach out to us for details.

NitroAccelerator is not required on all servers and endpoints to operate, though the benefits of doing so will reduce congestion throughout your entire environment. Simply install Nitro on the servers and endpoints that you wish to accelerate.

Installing NitroAccelerator (3-5 Minutes)

Not ready to test? Book a Free Demo Consultation.

1. Server Install Š

Run the NitroAccelerator installer on the SQL Server's of your choosing.

2. Client Install Š

Run the NitroAccelerator installer on the Clients of your choosing. Š

NitroAccelerator improves the connections between the systems that it is installed on. We recommend installing it on the Servers and Endpoints that are experiencing the most latency for quick testing.

3. Activate Acceleration

Close and relaunch your client applications/ agents. No server reboot required.

The accelerated connections will show as blue. If you are unable to accelerate your desired connections, visit Troubleshooting.

Installing from the Command Line

Install NitroAccelerator Trial from .msi from download file:

msiexec /i NitroTurbo.msi /qn

To update the trial systems with a purchased license from the command line, simply issue the command to uninstall and then run the full install command with your account information.


msiexec.exe /uninstall "c:\nitroturbo.msi" /qn

Licensed Install of NitroAccelerator .msi from download file:

msiexec /i NitroTurbo.msi /qn LICENSE_USER=<your_email> LICENSE_PASSWORD=<your_password>

NitroAccelerator can be integrated directly into your application and run silently in the background with a given set of setting parameters. Contact us for more info.