Tuning Settings

NitroAccelerator is ready to accelerate at install with default configuration. We do, however, have additional tuning settings that can be adjusted to optimize performance and security.


If you do not experience immediate benefits while testing Nitro, please reach out to us. A quick tuning call may be all that is between you and acceleration.

Customer BETA: Zero Latency Data Channel Settings

If you are hitting the cache size on the high water mark, increase your Packet Cache Size.

Compression Settings

SQL Server Analysis Services Protocol Settings


HyperCache securely minimizes the transfer of data between endpoints by storing cached data within individual kernels.

HyperCache is a client-side caching technology that can further improve performance in certain environments. It works by monitoring each query to determine how stable the results are. When a given query is determined to have stable results, the client will be given results from the cache instead of waiting for the server’s response. The query is still sent on to the server so the cache can be refreshed, and if the results of a query ever change, the query entry is invalidated until the result set is again shown to be stable. Only result sets of 64k or less will be cached, so HyperCache will have the biggest impact in environments with smaller repetitive queries. The Cache Size setting in the console determines the total number of queries that can be cached, so this can be adjusted as needed for your environment.

Encryption Settings

Encryption is required when moving over the internet.